V-REBATE : Betting activity

Repeatable awards

Reward will be automatically issued directly when click exchange button and it still automatically issued directly if skip the [Scratch] or [Roulette] animations, it can check reward you get in the history in [Wallet/Record Inquiry/Events Record].

*Claim your V-REBATE points here.

Claim it now!

1.) Select [Events] on the bottom menu.

 - 在底端菜单,请选择【活动】项目。

- Pilih [Acara] pada menu di bawah.

2.) Scroll down to check the events.

 - 往下滑以检查可领取游戏返水。

 - Scroll ke bawah untuk melayari game yang layak claim rebates.

3.) Click on [Redeem].

 - 点击【立即兑换】。

 - Tekan [Redeem].

4.) Done.

 - 完成。

 - Siap. 


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