Field Report : PH602 @ Imperial 1 Club

Date : 21 Oct 2020

Time : 2300pm

MP : Waterme... Spa (they claim to be Imperial1)

Model : P602

Age : late 20

Nationality : Pinoy

Language : Pro English, with some "Japan" words.

Face : 8/10 *almost the same with pic

Body : 7/10

Boobs : 8/10

Pussy : 7/10 *juicy can squeeze your lil bro

Massage : No

Catbath : Yes

BBBJ : 9/10

DFK : Yes

DATY : Yes *Wet & enjoy it by shaking it.

FJ : 10/10

Hygiene : 10/10

GFE : 10/10 *The only girl in WM accompany me go down stairs.

Damage : 238


At the evening saw they post a new arrival model from PH, #602. I nvr had any good exp with the PH, have to declare 1st my fav is always VIETNAM! So I cincai ask for pm in the group, at 1st I thought the picture was a FAKE image just for advertising. But they claim it was real, and they told that this girl is superb... blablabla… start at 9pm can booking.

Around 10pm, after failed to hunt from michat look around, it's late, so I decided to give her a try, since they are completely legit.

When they lined up to pick, 602 was so shy to stand beside the tiang there, lol. But after I pick her, the story goes different.. Too much greetings and talking and story.. she hold my arms to the room and we shower together. She help me to clean every parts of my body & play with my bro. I got so hard and she bent down to lick it. We almost start it in the small shower room. I fk between her tight for few mins. She ask me to be patient and go to the bed, she want more foreplay...

Then we start with 69, she shake her thing in front of me.. and she got so wet, without ky. Her bj is good, and slowly increase the speed, she know how to catch the kik, the tempo. Then she get up, put on cd and ride a reverse cowgirl to make herself climax first.. lol. must be a long time didn't have sx already. natural mourn, it's just feel like she is the customer & im serving her.. after she shock a little and squeeze my bro very tight with her pussy, she might have done. then she started to turnover and serve me, I prefer doggy more, and she is lovely and cooperate... I grab her ass and start pounding hard, she even throw out some Japanese word yamete.. lol. funny but sounds natural. Maybe around 10 mins only, I release the pressure inside and she still mourning... then we hug a little and clean ourselves together. She told me to withdraw early next time to cum in her mouth.. lol. this is so fkin tempting. I was feel like to tip her to cum by bj again. but the time is running out.

She told me to take her out for overnight, and go for some drinks. Told me she just arrived here and want to relax and sleep with me. haha. If tomorrow is holiday, I would not consider twice, direct overnight no problem. then she take me to downstairs and ask me to get the shop number contact. She is doing good without any pattern, just like a horny girl friend. is good. She even bow to me to say thank you and goodbye. I will return to her for sure, but i think this girl attitude will make her to be hard to get soon if no early booking.. lol. damn 22-10-2020, 03:34 Thanks to bro : Rabxxxxx Source from :

Service Provider : Imperial 1 Spa
Location :  Imperial Area, Miri 
Contacts : +6011 - 3370 4576
Links :
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